I think the first thing to know is where I came from.

I was raised in Southern California by Brooklyn-born parents. As such, I often found myself immersed in cultures and situations far removed from my own. Probably the best example of this is the time that I spent with Eazy-E and NWA as a teen. These experiences shaped the way I see things, always with fresh eyes.

Today I am a Director and Creative, based in Los Angeles and working across film, photography, animation, installation and live performance. I collaborate with a diverse group of artists from all over the world. Formerly on director's rosters at Partizan Entertainment and General Population, as of June 2017, I'm in the midst of a little reset.

Some milestones: Interned for the Beastie Boys when Atwater was empty, shot the cover for J Dilla's Donuts. Shared pizza and made two videos with MF Doom, the artist formerly known as Zev Love X. Directed music videos for Nas and Snoop. Improv'd with Redman and Method Man for Def Jam.

Live-mixed VHS projections for DJ Shadow + Cut Chemist's Brainfreeze and Product Placement tours. Directed films for architect Richard Neutra's show at A+D Museum, LA. Produced a two-screen texting installation experience for Levis w/ Denton-Cardew Design. Animated Deep Jinx for Amon Tobin's projection mapped ISAM 2.0 tour. Designed content for Apple's Final Cut Studio 2 release.

Collaborated with multi-hyphenate Saul Williams on numerous films, videos and photo projects in LA and Paris. Documented pop singer Charlie Winston in LA and London during the recording of platinum-selling Running Still and created films, videos and photos. Shot looks for the final season of Band of Outsiders.

Created The Food for Channel 101 with Randall Park. Directed the Beauty episode of Katie Malia's Almost Asian. Documented racer Nicolas Hamilton for Bandai Namco's Project CARS racing sim.

Presently working on a hybrid documentary feature film. A short film in Mexico City. A zine and pop-up about my NWA experiences. A podcast + micro-content inspired by my grandfather's WWII journals.

There should be a new bio next week. Or tomorrow.



US REP: ALEX ANDERSON @ STRANGE ATTRACTOR / +1.310.251.2935 / alex@strangeattractor.co

Photo by Sean Marc Lee: