A Brooklyn upbringing in Southern California. Occasionally confusing, usualy cool.

Educated at UCLA  + USC but I learned the important stuff making work with great people. 

Director. Creative.

Rap: Hung with Eazy-E and NWA as a teen. Interned for the Beastie Boys when Atwater was empty, shot the cover for J Dilla's Donuts. Shared pizza and shot two videos with MF Doom, the artist formerly known as Zev Love X.

Funny: Created The Food for Channel 101 with Randall Park. Directed the Beauty episode of Katie Malia's Almost Asian

Experience: Created VHS projections for DJ Shadow + Cut Chemist's Brainfreeze and Product Placement tours. Directed films for architect Richard Neutra's show at A+D Museum, LA. Created a two-screen texting experience for Levis w/ Denton-Cardew Design. 

Collaborations: Long-standing creative collaborations with Saul Williams, dating back to the late 90s and including numerous films, videos and still projects. Hung out with Charlie Winston during the recording of Running Still and created films, videos and photos.

Hopes and Dreams: Two semi-documentary feature films in motion. A short I wrote for Paris but that will probably be filmed in Mexico City. A zine about my NWA experiences.

Awards: Silver Plaque for Documentary, CHIFF for ontheDL, UPFI platinum certification for Charlie Winston's Running Still.


US REP: ALEX ANDERSON @ STRANGE ATTRACTOR / +1.310.251.2935 / alex@strangeattractor.co

Photo by Sean Marc Lee: