Ten years ago, on July 12th, 2006, I descended on the El Rancho Market on Alvarado at about 8pm to direct a music video. I was newly signed to Partizan and the idea of shooting on HD video (instead of film) was still a new one to me. It would be my first night shoot.


The song – Cut Chemist feat. Hymnal’s “What’s the Altitude’ – was incredible and I loved the concept that we’d collectively come up with: your basic rap video, set in a grocery store. Also there was a cow involved. But when the cow showed up, it had somehow become a bull. These things happen.

I was also blessed to have some amazing, creative people around me: Lucas Macfadden Terry Robinson Nikia Phoenix Moretti Mia Todd Somodevilla Ari Weiner Erwin Landau Elizabeth Ince Don Bondi Darren Beauchamp Kevin Beauchamp Lauren Tafuri Danielle Hinde Jeff Pantaleo Katie Tomiko Mitchell also I remember William Bensussen being on set. Original video graded by Patrick Marsiglia Boom boxes by Emil Nguyen but I seem to remember Cup and Javi dropping them off.

The video has about 111M views on YouTube, but you can catch it in HD here: 

Thanks to everyone who made this special project happen.

Photos: Sean Marc Lee 李子仁, who I met for the first time that night.